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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of installing a Zymeta Jukebox?

  • Daily updates via broadband.
  • It's slim, attractive cabinet design is wall mounted.
  • No cost to install or monthly charges
  • No "per day cost".
  • In house advertising of special events and daily drink/food specials.
  • Random & Free background music when patrons are not using it.

Why should I choose TS Entertainment Ltd.?

  • TS Entertainment is focused on customer service excellence.
  • TS Entertainment is committed to fast and effective service of our Zymeta digital juke boxes.

How much music is there to choose from and is the box kept up to date?

  • Currently some 20,000 songs with 6000+ videos that can also be played on select TV's from hot hits to the classics.
  • The Jukebox is automatically updated via the web on a daily basis via broadband, or monthly if by phone line by dvd.

Can I control the type of music in the jukebox?

  • Yes. Venue owners can work with TS Entertainment to pick their themes and title list for random play and customer selection.

What does the jukebox do, when no one is playing a song or video?

  • When not playing a customer selection, the Jukebox reverts to random songs at no charge.
  • This random play can be customized by the venue owner.
  • Whatever the choices, music is always playing in the background.

Why would you want a Zymeta Jukebox?

  • The coin-operated system provides full time music and video service to customers, who can choose the titles they want, on demand.
  • The venue owner has complete control of content and theme -- and can customize the unit to target the specific clientele that you want.
  • Venue owners share in the profit . It interfaces with existing external components such as public entertainment systems and large screen television monitors.

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